Alpacka SCOUTS for Sale - BOTH SOLD, 1 red, 1 yellow

Update 24 July 2012: BOTH HAVE SOLD, thanks.

I was interested in more info the Scout Packrafts. Can you post or email photos of the rafts and seats?



Here’s the info on the Scouts from the Alpacka site:
The Scout is a minimalist Alpacka: an extremely durable packraft designed for long-distance trekking & travel. It’s a “satchel boat”: the kind of packraft that fits with your gear in a messenger bag. Built to the same specs as our main boats, the Scout is designed for you if you need a tough, light, simple, and very reliable boat but don’t need the whitewater performance and expeditionary features of our main-line boats.

We consider the Scout to be a specialty craft, rather than an “Alpacka Light”: a small open boat built for high lake floating, canyoneering, river-crossing, spelunking, and other situations where you’re on flat water.

Stripped down to save weight, the Scout has one standard tiedown, but you can add extra ones.

The ultimate test every Alpacka design must pass is “The Alaska Test”: reliable operation in tough conditions. We build every Alpacka to survive arduous conditions on land and sea.

One pick is of the boats ‘in action’ on a River in Maine.

There’s a ‘dryland’ pic of my husband in the boat, and the ‘seat’ is a mylar ‘bag’ that you inflate and sit on. Frankly, I prefer to sit on a small Watershed Drybag, and it worked well. You just need to make sure you have ALL of the air out of the drybag, or it will ‘pop’ and thus the dry seal will be broken and it may leak.
Hope that helps!

Hi! I am interested in buying your red boat, if no one else has claimed it yet. Is the seat you have the one that alpacka puts in their oth er rafts?

Hi Chad,
The seat is a mylar ‘bag’ with a closure, not a ‘fancy’ add-on seat. It’s the one that comes with the Scout as originally purchased.

Feel free to email me at and I can invoice you via PayPal or we can discuss further.

Thanks for your interest, and at this point, we do have BOTH Scouts still