Alpacka rafts and car pumps

Can these rafts be filled with a standard car lighter pump"? Thanks

I don’t see why not. Just make sure to top if off with the mouth valve to avoid blowing out seams from too much air pressure. I inflate mine with a hair dryer fairly often if I’m doing roadside runs (cold air setting). Back in the day we used to inflate air mattresses & boats by starting up the car, putting the valve up to the tail pipe, and letting exhaust pressure fill the inflatable, but I’m pretty sure that’s a bad idea from the carcenogens working their way into the glue and breaking the bonds apart. Pretty sure the car charged air compressor would be fine though:^)

Thanks alaskacreeker. I guess I dont understand the valve system. By what you are saying, you dont insert any thing in the valve. do you have to pinch the valve then?how do you stop air from comming out? I wonderd why you use a hair dryer instead of car lighter pump, but I am guessing you use the dryer to dry your boat afterwards, am I correct? By the way, how long does it take to inflate boat with hair dryer? Thanks

Modding a main valve cap to fit a schrader or presta valve is very simple, though for ultralight, the presta is the one to use.

Thanks AeroNautical, I dont know what a schrader or Presta valve is. I havent blown up a boat since i was a kid. (that sounds bad but I am going to keep it)I will call a local marine store. Thanks

Presta Valve Wiki:

Schrader Valve Wiki: