Alpacka Raft Alpaca (Small) For Sale

Alpaca (Small) with whitewater deck, spray skirt, and two seats/floors. Excellent condition! Always stored clean and dry. Located in Portland, OR. I’d prefer local pickup but am also willing to ship. $1000

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What model from Alpacka is it?

It is the Alpaca (Small).

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That’s what I thought…

Great packraft! I have two of them and they are my favorites out of the several that I have! So light, versatile, and simple! Love them!

Have no doubt whoever buys this will walk away with a great boat!

I love it! I need more room for cargo and/or my dog so I just bought a Ranger. Super excited to try it out. If you know any one that needs an Alpaca, this one is in like new condition.


I’m sure the Ranger will provide you and your dog with plenty of space. How do you like the self-bailer inflatable floor?I’ve been meaning to try out a self-bailer.


And will do @j_lemke. I’m up in the Seattle area, so I’ll spread the word. I’ll throw this post onto the Facebook PNW Packraft page as well.

Hope it all goes well!

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