Alpacka in the Waikato

Anyone near Hamilton paddling an Alpacka?

I’m a keen hunter/fly fisherman paddling a Sevylor Rio inflatable kayak and I am considering purchasing a pack raft to extend my range. It would be helpful to talk to others who use a pack raft for hunting/fishing in NZ. I would also like to see an Alpacka (Yukon?) in the flesh to see how it measures up.

If you can help I would appreciate your feedback.

Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave,

Not in Waikato, but a couple of us are up in Auck. Don’t do any fishing from mine, and fairly new to it all, but keen to help any way I can.

Good luck

My partner and I will be packrafting around NZ from early Dec through the end of Jan 2015 with two Alpacka Alpacas in tow (their shortest model).
If you haven’t had the chance and want to meet up to take a look at one, let me know.

Cheers, William

Hi Dave, Coming through Taupo 2nd week of November, hoping to run upper mohaka, cross the kaweka and down the ngararoa. If you can give me a ride to Poranui trailhead your welcome to try my boat. Also looking for a partner if any one is interested.

Craig J - I saw your posts on facebook with intentions for a central north island trip. I am interested in joining you if I can make dates work, but late November would be better for me. Looks like you have dates set and are flying into Taupo? I have a big butt llama with thigh straps and a dry suit and multi-day experience on grade III rivers in NZ including the Mohaka and Ngaruroro. Most trips include fly fishing. I am in Auckland but base trips out of Turangi where I coerce a mate to run shuttles with appropriate bribery. Let me know your plans and whether you have any flexibility. Cheers.

Virtualgambl, I have flexibility through November, send me a p m let me know what works for you. I’m thinking seven/eight days.

Have sent a PM but the system is horribly unreliable in my experience so you will see a facebook friend request from me too - respond and I’ll send the PM. Note sure if my fears about spam are realistic but I am too chicken to post my e-mail address here!