Alpacka Forager Raft and Paddle for Sale*** Sold

I have a 2018 Alpacka Forager Raft in the Vectran Cedar Green color and a Shred Apart Carbon paddle for sale.

This was a gift from a relative that misunderstood my intentions and truly this is something I don’t need. I haven’t even taken it out of the bag it came in.

Total value of the above is $2,510.

Since my relative didn’t give me a gift receipt, nothing I can do about it except sell. Came across this board and figured I’d try my hand here before attempting Ebay.

I’ll sell for $1900. Willing to negotiate a little on the price.

Currently have a deal worked out with abird2017… Until finalized this is off the market…

I appreciate abird2017 reaching out.

And sold. Thanks for letting me post here. I’m keeping my account active for tips in the future.