Alpacka Classic Packraft for sale

FOR SALE! Rookie mistake is your opportunity! Bought a size too big in April. Used one day. Pristine condition. Large Alpacka Classic packraft with cargo fly. $1,000. Paid $1,150 plus tax plus shipping, so this is a discount of $250+. Includes 2 brand new Cargo Fly Internal Alpacka dry bags ($100 value) and inflation bag. I will cover cost of shipping domestically. Avoid a long lead time for manufacturing. It’s gonna be a helluva season! Message me if interested.

Hi. I’m new to packrafting but looking for one. I am 6" and my kids are 6 2" so I’m assuming a large is good for us. I am interested in the raft. How tall are you? Would you take $900 and I send you a prepaid fed exp shipping label so you have no shopping cost.

Thanks. Steve.

Hi! Thanks for your interest. I think large would be good for you, but take a minute to go to the Alpacka Raft website and look at how they size/fit the boats. I am 5’4 and need a small, Bob is 5’9 and needed a medium. Really think this will work, and yes, your offer is agreeable. If we proceed, I will send a paypal invoice.

Hmmm. First time I’ve used this forum. Not sure how to verify that it’s private. Ideas? Should we facebook message or email?