Alpacka cargo fly for ballast


Quick question for the experts while I wait for my new boat…

Many folks have commented about how the lowered center of gravity that you get when you have gear inside the tubes makes your packraft handle better (and roll better too). For roadside runs where you’re carrying minimal gear or food, has anyone tried putting artificial ballast of some kind inside the dry bags? And if so, what do you use, and how much weight? I’m thinking about a few sand bags rolled up in a yoga mat inside the drybags.



For big water roadside runs I do exactly this – add ballast. A sleeping bag or puffy jacket(s) in each twinkie, and maybe a liter or two of water in a dromedary wrapped up inside works well.

For lower volume stuff I’ll limit it to a liter or two of water in my bow bag, depending on the run. Easy enough to fiddle with the volume carried since there’s a river right there…