Alpacka Alpackalypse-proto Whitewater Packraft

Alpacka Whitewater Raft

Fully Rigged and ready. Add a paddle, water, and go. $950

This is one of several proto-Alpackalypse models that made it to the river with success. Maneuverable and capable. Durable and repairable. Condition is good; there have been some minor repairs, and if used properly, there will be more. I’m 5’10” tall and anyone within a couple of inches of that could probably just sit in it and paddle off down the river.

The suspect metal bracing that was being experimented with at the time is not included. (Though I think it’s stuffed somewhere around here, if you want it…) Instead it’s set with thigh straps/knee cups that actually work.


  • Cowled deck and spray skirt

Knee cups/braces

Cargo Fly for internal gear storage

Inflatable seat and back-band

Foam footblock

Zippered forward deck


  • Spray skirt

4-piece cowling

Zippered dry-bags for the Cargo Fly

Inflation bag




Floor/heel protection is in place

I’m happy to send pics and answer questions. It may be unwise to expect immediate response, as I’m often “out”.

Is it a self-bailing boat?

Not self-bailing, though you can bail it yourself. Ha!

Nope. Snug spray skirt, deck and sealed floor.

what year is the boat? please send pics to

I’m very interested. Please send pictures to