Alpacka - $800 NOW 700!

Red Alpacka with cruiser deck for sale. The generation right before they started doing the bubble butt, that makes it 2010? Lightly used, normal cosmetic wear, excellent working condition. Pics up in next day or so. $800 + shipping and paypal fees. Paypal verified or in person (Portland, OR) transaction only. Includes inflation bag.

Can’t figure out how to put pics in here, but you can see them at this link:

Added pics

big price drop!

Hey @woody, yes, still for sale. I tried sending you a PM, but it’s still in my outbox, not sure how to get it out. If you PM me your email address I can email you about it.


What model Alpacka is the boat? (Yukon, Delani Llama)?

How much does it weight?

How small does it back down?

Candle - I tried to PM you, but the message is in my outbox and not showing in my sent folder.

If you still have it I’d be interested.