Alpaca Rental

I am looking for an Alpaca to rent. Does anyone know a place on the west coast (I am in Seattle) who rents? thanks!!

I’m afraid I can’t help, but I think Packraft rental would be a great idea - they are expensive to buy for perhaps one-off expeditions so I think a rental system would really work well…

I have a Yukon Yak and would be willing to rent it out to recoup some of my costs for purchasing it. I live on the east coast, but could ship it. PM me and maybe we can arrange something.

There is a new online store for packraft rentals, they’ll send anywhere. Just Google packraft rentals.
Hopefully this helps some people out. Let your friends know.

Jackson Hole Packraft and Packraft Rentals Anywhere recently opened up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We have six packrafts available for rent: three Yukon Yaks and three Denali Llamas. We ship boats nationwide to anywhere in the Lower 48 or Canada for an extra S&H fee. Our website is or We give discounts for extended rentals. Feel free to give Amy a call at 907-830-1016 with questions or to reserve a boat. If you’re planning a trip in the Tetons or Wind Rivers, and want to pick up a packraft in Jackson, reserve a boat through Rendezvous River Sports at 307-733-2471. All Jackson-based packraft rental pickups and drop offs go through Rendezvous River Sports. Cheers.