alpaca in Guizhou, China

I went to paddle along Chishui River in Guizhou Province, China from Oct 2-4. The distance is about 120km.
Here is some photos shot by me and my friends.

my album: wifarm | Flickr

Thanks for sharing those pics with us. How did the TNF duffle bag perform on the packraft ? I haven’t ever soaked mine in water but I would be worried that once the water has got in the bag, it would hardly get out, which could make the bag extremely heavy - which would be a problem in the event of a capsize.

my TNF duffle bag is 70L, the size works well with alpaca. When it hasn’t capsized, the bag did well, with little water in it. But after capsized, the water can’t easily go out.

here is the video of our trip:

Thanks for the post. It must have been a brilliant trip!
I’m doing the same sort of packraft-river travels in our waterways here for exploration and documentation.
How did your Alpacka hold up against the ik’s though in terms of long distance and rougher water?