Alatna River late July to early August 10 days (or maybe a lowe 48 trip to fill void?)

Partner had to drop out. In and out Coldfoot/Wiseman booked. Flight to Gadeke Lake booked. Float 10 days. Not wanting to cancel but it’s getting down to the wire. If interested lets talk. ~Martina

Update: Have been doing research on a SF Flathead trip. Just did a 5 day on the Owyhee. Signed up for Advanced Packraft course in July. Will be at APA event on the Payette. I would love to do a SF Flathead trip if I can’t find a number 2 for Alatna. Just looking for team mates. I’m trying to fill the void and stem the mega dissapointment that canceling Alaska trip will leave with me . ~Martina