Air Bladders or foam in Rain Jacket in place of PFD?

To avoid the weight of a PFD, I see that some packrafters take an inflatable PFD while others fabricate a vest with pockets to hold air bladders.

Since you need a rain jacket anyways, has anyone sewn pocket into their rain jacket to hold air bladders (Nalgene Canteen fold-up bottles) or pieces of foam?

If so, would you comment on how it worked and show a few photos?

I am thinking of something like this for Class 1 applications.

Anything beyond that, I can carry a PFD to aid recovery of my body. Thank you.

No, haven’t done this, as the seams would compromise my rain coat.

I’m very happy with my home made PFD using wine bladders. The light nylon shell is only about 200g, and it works well as a PFD.