Adhesives in Oz

Hi folks I picked up a pair of thigh straps and a backrest for super-duper-mega-reduced from my local outdoors shop today.

I have a patch or two, but am still unsure of what to use as a glue that’s actually available in Oz.

Anyone? Jeremy? Steve?


Heya Jules,

Sorry for not catching this one. I just pm’d jules most of this info, but for anyone else looking for glue in see the info below. Also, to Jules, you can find MEK in plumbing priming fluids (just check the back to make sure they have a high concentration of the stuff). When you are using it though, be careful as many on the internet refer to some pretty hectic safety concerns (always wear gloves and work outside).

"Regarding the thigh straps, grab the glue from paddlesports mentioned in the first thread below and then apply in the manner of the second thread. If you are going to roll lots and lots and lots and you may need 4 tie outs up the back (see the final links).

Adventures and Tinkerings: A couple of Alpacka mods"

Cheers Jeremy!

Jules did they have any other thigh straps ?

Mate no, don’t think so. I did look though thinking of you. I’ll have another gander this week though if you like. They obviously hadn’t sold for a while… three different reductions. The backbrace was even better! $117 -> $79 ->$15 or something! Hope the Bulli gig went well. The bands didn’t interest but Ab and I almost shelled out the price of entry just to come eat your fare! Will call today to yarn.

Just to add to the oz collective. Earlier in summer I looked at the options for glue. After looking at the expense/ shipping I settled on one available locally, ‘Azbond’: I glued in 4 attachment loops, followed similar guidelines re; layers, re-heating, holding very well so far.