adding a rudder

Has anyone created a removable rudder for lake paddling? I’m looking at doing a trip to Lapland with some big lakes to cross and without a rudder of some kind I see it being a very frustrating journey with all that side-to-side motion.

Do you mean rudder or skeg? There are plenty of people who have installed removable skegs on their packrafts - there are even commercially available kits you can buy online ( Anfibio one for example: ).

There is plenty of discussion on this forum regarding this, for example:

I have skegs fittings on two of my packrafts but i rarely use them. They don’t add that much more tracking to be worth the extra fiddling when setting up the boat

Oh really? I was planning on ordering one. I imagined it would make a pronounced difference. Does anyone else have experience with them and feel they are worth the trouble?