Accident Report - Echo Bend, Eagle River, Alaska

My partner and I recently lost our Alpaca pack rafts and backpacks when we mistakenly went down Echo Bend on Eagle River, Alaska on Sunday, June 28. We’re very new to pack rafting and don’t want this near death experience to be our last if we don’t get our gear back. We got into pack rafting because my boyfriend decided he wanted to do a pack rafting trip of the Aniakchak Crater in May. He got a minor injury to his leg during the paddle of the Aniakchak River and flew out two days before the completion of the hike out to Chignik Lagoon while the rest of us continued on.

I would like to post a lost poster basically anywhere I can in hopes that our gear is returned to us. Then maybe we can get into some pack rafting circles and stop blindly going down rivers and into great peril. I actually love rafting, just not the near death experiences.

Please help in any way you can.

Thank you very much,


(and Vic 907-575-9155)