A little fun with Google Earth (YouTube video).

If this shoulda gone in the “YouTube Videos” thread, I apologize in advance. I kinda figured this is more about Google Earth than it is about YouTube.

Anyhoo, we’re planning a trip this summer in Northern British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. I’m a big fan of Google Earth for helping plan an off-trail trip, and just a couple months ago I discovered the “Touring” feature in GE. Any track of waypoints, you can “fly through” like a jet simulation, tweaking your touring speed, viewing angle and a couple other knobs. With GE Pro, you can record any fly-through to a video file. I found a buddy in the Geography Dep’t with a copy of GE Pro in his lab, so I thought I’d post up a video of the upcoming trip. I know a lot of folks take some pretty damned impressive trips around here, so I thought I’d point out the feature… it’s fun to play with. :sunglasses: If you have the time or inclination, you should check it out yourself.

I added some music, photos & subtitles, but overall it’s a 10-minute fly-through of a 3-week trip. It wasn’t until I saw the tour that I fully realized “holy crap… that’s a LOT of ground to cover!”. Looking at maps doesn’t quite do it justice. Here ya go… hope you enjoy!

In the meantime, happy exploring!

  • Mike