60 mile, 2-night- 3-day Class I-II trip in Norcal?


I’ve been searching this site as well as the national american river site, but haven’t had much luck finding my ideal one person trip.

Trying to find a 50-60 mile packrafting trip with class I-III rapids…where I park the car at the boat takeout, and then get to the boat putin location through a mix of maybe bus, perhaps an uber and some hiking, with a couple of camping spots along the river for a two night, three day trip…somewhere in Northern California. Would be great if at least part of that was through a national park.

I haven’t had much success in finding such a trip.

At this point, I’d be happy with a 35-45 mile 1 night 2 day trip, but haven’t had much luck there either.

Looked at some on this forum including Ranchera Kern, Redwood NP, Russian River, Souther Fork American. And I also saw one for San Joaquin river on another site, but none seemed really to fit what I’m hoping to find.

If anyone happens to know of any that would be ideal for solo, where I park at the takeout, and have a way to get me and my gear to the put-in, I would appreciate any advice. My gear fits inside a single backpack.


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klamath river might be an option i would think. I have done a rafting trip up there and there looks like there is plenty of opportunity for that. Not sure about shuttle though, you may need to 2 car it or bike it.

check out cacreeks.com
lots of great info on there