5 day walk with packraft side trips - NSW

Spent 5 days walking down in the Nadgee Howe Wilderness area, great walking in pristine coastal wilderness, explored a few of the small waterways in the rafts, a pretty relaxed trip. Coverd about 55 kms walking and about 15km’s paddling all up. A worthwhile trip into the only costal wilderness in NSW. Freshwater is a little scarce in summer and it was pretty hot for walking with packs, this would be a better spring, autumn or winter trip.


Great trip. How was the fishing? Did you find any bass in the nadgee River? Did you find the Alpaca big enough to have the pack in there with you. I’m looking to get one for the hard to get to rivers and creeks but at 6’2 and with a few dry bags for sleeping gear i’m unsure which boat to get.

I have the Unrigged Explorer and find it heaps big enough with all the gear loaded on (I am 5’11). At 6’2 you would fit just fine as I have leg room to spare in mine. The other raft in the pics is a Denali Lama, a bit smaller but Gus loads it up and still fishes easily. They are designed to have packs strapped onto the front (as you see in the images) they actually paddle better with all the weight up there, they balance really well (they are called ‘packrafts’ after all). If you order one get the Backpack Attachment System at the same time, they are the business for putting the pack on the bow, a very simple and sexy system.


Comparing the Lama and Explorer, I would get the Unrigged Explorer again for fishing, they only cost a fraction more in the big sheme of things but the extra internal space is a good thing.

Where are you based? you are welcome to have a go in mine if you’d like. I am based on the far south coast (Bega). There are a few others in Sydney too that you may be able to get a paddle in


I know this is an older post, but these photographs are what got me to join the forum to begin with. I found em’ via a Google image search. Really, really nice stuff you got here, Fishdejour! Anyway, it looks like you had a really great time! Although, I can’t say I would be able to carry quite that much stuff on my adventures. I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes to the great outdoors, so I can only carry so much. Do you guys travel to the beginning destination? If so, how much do you carry? I’ve thought about investing in utility trailers for my pick-up truck. What do you guys think? Good investment or should I just man (woman, lol) up? :wink: Obviously, this wouldn’t be just for hiking, as much as it would be for camping – which I’m assuming is what you folks did because it was a 5-day venture.

O.K. I’m done rambling. Thanks, folks! =)

Melissa, go light go far, keep the weight down in your pack and it is pretty easy. I just returned from another trip through this area, covered over 60 km’s in 2 days of walking. Spend dollars on ultra light gear straight up.

Steve…I haven’t forgotten about your recommendation on this area. Looks like I may have to get creative to find a suitable loop. Spose there’s no public transport options…?
I’m still looking at options if I can get some time over chrissy depending on what’s running. I may see what Jules is up to if a certain river has the right level.
Cheers Darren.

Na no public transport but I would be happy to help out with a lift to, fro or other if you wanted to do the entire walk or need to link a loop.


Very kind offer Steve! If we get down that way I’ll let you know our plans. I don’t mind bike loops & negotiable routes, but my wife likes to relax a little more when she has time off…What’s the go with that.

Happy Wife, happy life…