5-7 Day Packrafting Trip

Hi everyone,

I’ve been following the site a couple years now and have found it very helpful. My two buddies and I are looking to do a packrafting trip for 5-7 days and are looking for suggestions on routes. We are experienced backpackers but are still relatively new to packrafts (have done a couple of trips in Olympic and Canyonlands Utah). Just looking for advice on a good trip that would have a nice mix of backpacking and packrafting without a ton of huge whitewater (preferably class III or lower). We’re spread out all over the country so doesn’t really matter where it is.

Appreciate the help!

Hey there,

I’m new to this site and new to packrafting, my aire bakraft expedition should be shipped in the next couple weeks! My experience on this site so far is basically that no one responds to posts. I’m hoping that changes as we get closer to warm weather.

Regarding your question… Obviously I don’t have any experience yet but I’ve been a boater for over twenty years. You’ve been to the canyonlands in UT so you know that there is tons of potential in there. I’ve backpacked there extensively as well as floated through cataract canyon multiple times, I can’t wait to go back with a packraft, it’s high on my list for potential trips. Lots of other potential in the general area as well.

The trip I’m planning for this summer is in the Wind River range in WY. Never been there but heard nothing but great things. (except for the mosquitos!) It looks like there are many different rivers in there that you could float. My plan is to spend 3 days backpacking and fishing my way to the source of the green river and then spend a couple days floating out. You can find a few trip reports about the green out there, looks like it’s mostly really mellow and super pretty. We might see if anything is runnable further up than I’ve seen reported but it looks like the gradient might be a bit much. I’ll be with all super solid boaters, but we’re all getting older and more mellow as well:). The best resource I’ve found so far is caltopo.com, if you’ve never seen it check it out. Basically just mapping software (free) that does show at least the major trails.

Good luck with your trip! If you have any questions about what I"ve found so far let me know.


Hi Eddie,
I’d like to do the Escalante Canyon this spring and am looking for other packrafters to go with there.

Hi Jay, I’d definitely be interested. Keep me posted

Thanks guys. Has anyone done any cool trips in the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho? I found a pretty awesome looking trip on the Salmon river (https://vimeo.com/113566440). Was curious if anyone has started out higher up in the Sawtooths backpacked down to a lower elevation and then picked up one of the many rivers.

albertfan and eddie, did you guys check the Trips sections? There are a lot of suggestions there:


You should do a Cataract Canyon trip, lots of good options for backpacking in and out and tons of good class 3.

ekkemu - I’ve checked the trip reports; there are a lot of good trips in Idaho. I was just curious if someone had started backpacking at higher elevations in the Sawtooth mountains and then picked up one of the rivers at some point to raft down. Was looking to connect the middle fork salmon river to the main salmon river by Stanley but looks like you would have to pass through a pretty populated area and not even sure if any of the creeks would be runnable or if there would be good hiking trails around that area.

I have both an Alpaca and a BakRaft Expedition. Broke the Aire in last Friday with a 3 mile hike in on Washington’s Pilchuck River. I’m looking for those killer hike in only trips for this summer. I’ve started to go through the trips pages but so much to wade through as many of them are not hike in specific runs which is the reason I got these boats. What are your the great trips in Idaho / Montana that are a week in nature and require hiking in? The dream is to find those…maybe even 2 different rivers and a lake to paddle across in that week. Suggestions welcome!

Nick, what do you think of the backraft expedition so far? Mine just came in, going to try to get out for a little tester run this weekend.

It is pretty darn amazing. Looks like and paddles like and IK, not a Packraft at all. A lot different from my Lynx for sure. Bails quick. Does not dry quick though. Have not had in in Class 4 yet but I’m sure it will do fine. Expensive yes, but it is not only going to be my pack boat but my air travel rock star as well.

I tried the Bakraft Hybrid, and didn’t like it that much. The Bakraft Expedition is probably better. I currently own an MRS Alligator 2s. Its design is inbetween an Alpackalypse and Yak. Handles great.

I may get a self-bailer one day because they are so easy to re-enter - I like that about them