4 piece Werner paddle 210 cm

I’d like to sell one of my 4 piece 210 cm Werner Shuna paddles.

This one weighs about 2 lbs (2 lbs 2 0z):


How old is it and how much do you want for it? REI has them on sale for $194 marked down from $265 retail.

Looks like the one at REI is two piece:


Mine is 4 piece. Here’s a 4 piece Shuna like mine (orange blades) for sale new at $325:

It’s a 2006 model – cost $310 then, $60 more than the 2006 two piece cost.

How about $175?

BTW it’s actually 215 cm…

It’s now posted on CraigsList for $150

This paddle is Sold!

…and the new owner is very happy with it :slight_smile: