3 packrafts lost on Chickaloon!!!!

Hi all,

Some friends and I lost 3 packrafts on the Chickaloon earlier today. All three of us swam at the ledge and all the boats flushed out. We checked the rest of the river before the Matnuska and didn’t see them, so we believe they made it to the Mat and possibly the Inlet. If everyone could keep and eye out for these/spread the word it would be greatly appreciated. There were 2 blue rafts and 1 green one. There are also 3 paddles out there somewhere. If you hear anything please give me a ring. My name is Abe and my number is (907)-242-2882. Thanks everyone, any help is appreciated.

Any word on your rafts? Jschu and I are likely running the lower Chickaloon to Kings River tomorrow. Should we be on the look out?


Sorry for the late response. 2 of the boats have been found, by Nova and Madwater rafting. There is still a blue one missing. Thanks for asking.