2022 Alpacka Scout

Do you own the above packraft? If so, can you provide a brief review?

I bought a bare bones Scout earlier this year, after using an Advanced Elements Packlite for a couple of years. A couple of months later, I added some d-rings and bought the optional seat. It has become my go-to boat because of the ease of transport and set up. I hardly ever use my larger AE or Packlight, and sold my other two yaks after getting the Scout.
The Scout is surprisingly sturdy for the weight and so far has had zero punctures, while the Packlight developed leaks pretty quickly. Both were used in similar conditions (all punctures were patchable, but still…).
My biggest challenge is that, without a skeg, the Scout has a tendency to dance side-to side when paddling, and spin when not paddling. This is on flat water (looking to add a removable skeg and see if it makes a difference.)
I’m mostly a flat water paddler; calmer rivers, bays and lakes for day tripping. I like to travel internationally with my pack raft kit in my luggage (Scout, lightweight paddle, Ugo bag, patch kit and pfd).
So the Scout was the right choice for me because of the weight. If I had it to do over, I’d still get a Scout, but I’d add the cargo fly. While I’ve got plenty of room for day gear in the boat with me, it would be a nice addition.
Happy paddling!