2016 Kokopelli Nirvana, WW spray deck and TiZip ***SOLD***


For sale: 2016 Kokopelli Nirvana with spray deck and TiZip cargo zipper. $700 includes shipping within the USA. I bought the boat new last winter and used it this summer. It is in great shape with no punctures, rips, or patches. It has some routine scratches on the bottom. I installed 2017 4-point thigh straps. It also has 2 extra tie downs on the outside of the hull to extend the perimeter line. I have a foam back band and inflatable floor which will come with the boat.

Packraft with spray deck tubing
Spray skirt
Inflatable backrest
Surf to Summit back band
Inflation bag
2" inflatable floor, can be used to raise seating position and provide additional cushioning from rocks
4-point thigh straps
Repair fabric strips


messageā€™d you

Hi there,

I was looking at your images and saw the blue foam back rest. I own a castaway xl and was thinking of getting one like its on your photos.
Is it DIY or you bought it somewhere? thanks

Hi there. That is a Surf to Summit back band.

You might have to adapt the straps depending on the setup on your boat, but I thought it worked well.