2014 Cedar Llama *sold locally*

I’m looking to sell my 2014 Cedar Denali Llama 3" extended stern. Less than two months old. Less than 50 miles in 3 trips. 31 on the South Anna/Pamunkey (VA) the rest in two trips down the upper James in Richmond, VA. Mint/Near mint. Minor if detectable at all scuffs on bottom. Zero patches. Inflation bag, stuff sack, patch kit (except for Alpacka sticker), seat, back, and packtach included. $875.00 shipping included(US only).

At 6’4" I am too tall for this raft. I bought it sight unseen. I am hoping to sell so I can have a custom length version of the same model made. Please help me recoup the cost of a blind buy and get into a more comfortable craft.

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Does it have the spray skirt?