2012 Alpacka Yak***SOLD***

2012 Yukon Yak with only 4 days on the water! I borrowed it from a friend and ripped a huge gash in the side on a sharp snag. It was a new boat, so I bought him another new boat and I’m selling this one- not the cheapest rental ever. Patched by Alpacka in their colorado shop, heat welded patch, should be as strong as the seams! Ships from Alaska, expect around $35, and of course no shipping if you pick it up. Asking $750, will take best offer if it’s reasonable. Deck is pristine, bottom and sides slightly scratched. Again, only used for four days total. Comes with stuff sack, original patchkit (don’t forget to pack your mylar tape folks) and inflation bag.

I’ll take it. PM sent.

I’d be interested if this boat isn’t taken Yet! Let me know one way or the other so that we can negotiate