2011 Willow Creek

Just got back from running red gate to shirley town, and IT WAS GREAT!!! Water was up nice, lots of wave trains, and some fun times. Got the 1st flip over with

Just ran Guardrail Saturday in Willow Creek at roughly 940 CFS in packrafts. Sunny days have filled the river and it was fast and burly. The first sets of rapids in Willow Creek Canyon were solid class IV. If you’re not familiar with the river scout often, and travel in numbers for maximized safety. We swam quite a bit.

Below guardrail there were a few moderately sized rapids, class III minus, and made for a good day for some newbies that joined up with us at the Redgate put-in.

Overall pretty ferocious at Guardrail, fun level below Redgate.

There is also a slalom course setup just below redgate that is a lot of fun.

The slalom gates are for the Willow Creek Whitewater Festival June 4th and 5th.
There will be pack raft and IK classes for all three races, Guard Rail Downriver Doubles, Red Gate Downriver, and Slalom.There will be beginner, intermediate,
and advanced divisions.Go to susitnasledandkayak for details.

Would also like to thank the person that spray painted a red stripe on the guardrail of the Guardrail Put-In. Very helpful in locating the stop on the road.