2011 Llama, Yellow, basically new, EU based!

A friend of mine is going to sell his Boat (Alpacka Llama in yellow, version 2011). It has touched the water only once (lake), basically a new one. He simply bought it to big for him (being 179cm). Complete with spraydeck, all accessories and without any demage or scratches, only minor pigmentations in color. He is asking for 799 € including shipping within Europe. As being already in the EU, there is no additional import duties (Tax and Customs), for pictures go to our Blog and contact us via Email. Cheers, Sven


Get back to us if you have a need in Europe, as there is always some used boats around. Sven

Gutted I missed this advert as this would have been perfect for my needs :frowning:

Please let me know if the sale falls through for whatever reason!

Sent you a PM! :slight_smile:

Sven, let me know if you have more 2nd hand pack rafts available in Europe…not sure you got my PM, i’m quite new in this!