2011 Denali Llama, 2012 Yukon Yak, Paddle

Up for sale are two very good condition packrafts. These were purchased in hopes of running the desert rivers here in Utah, like the escalante and dirty devil. Unfortunately, we have not had time to make extended trips since purchasing them. With some recent unexpected repairs popping up on our house, we need to free up a little cash. So hopefully these two like new packrafts will be a good deal for someone looking to save a couple bucks.

Images are available here: http://imgur.com/a/wK1a5#0

1 - Denali Llama - Red $900
Condition: 9/10
This raft has been on the water less than 10 times. Used exclusively in the Grand Canyon. Boat is in fantastic shape, showing very little cosmetic blemishes. It is functionally perfect. Includes cruiser sprayskirt that is also in very good condition. Can’t say it’s like new because there is a few little scuffs here and there, but it is in fantastic shape. Includes packing bag and inflateable bag. I seem to have lost the patch kit.

2 - Yukon Yak - Blue/Yellow $950
Condition: 9.9/10 - Like New
This raft has never seen the water. Only reason it is 9.9/10 is from the dust from the two times it’s been inflated and fitted for my girlfriend. It was purchased in fall of 2012, with hopes of doing the escalante in Spring 2013. Unfortunately the trip never materialized. Includes cruiser spray deck and all original accessories.

3 - 4 piece Manta Ray fiberglass paddle - $80
Condition: 9/10
Again, in very very good condition. Used less than 5 times. Not the best paddle on the market, but a great starter paddle.

Hit me up at danransom AT gmail DOT com

Prefer Paypal gift, but we can split fees if you prefer option that includes fees. I’ll pay shipping fees.

All sold, thanks!