2010 yak zippered skirt

I was having trouble closing/joining the velcro fully at the left arm. The part that goes from your chest (or underarm, the port side) to the left side chamber tube or vice versa. It is as though the raft streched after a few rapids and now the skirt will not reach to the soft velcro on the waist sinche piece. I am now unable to close it after getting in the raft. :frowning: :cry: Is there a solution for this? Or will it remedy itself in due time. Or prove different after the first use, on the second or third use? :question:

Give me a call. That shouldn’t be happening. We had one other deck that was like that. If that velcro side is open when we put the deck on it can get stretched too tight. It needs to be closed when the deck is put on to make sure the fit is right. It could be that it is off and we will fix it for you. Give me a call and we will figure it out on the phone.

Cheers, Sheri
Alpacka Raft