2010 Llama.. is my floor detaching?

Hey all,
My first post here. Looked all over the web for info but on this topic but no luck. Hoping someone here can share someknowledge. I bought a used Llama (without knowing anything about packrafts. ), took it out on a lake yesterday to get a feel. No issues. When I looked onthe inside of the raft prior to deflating I noticed that it looked like raft floor might have started to come unglued from the tube. Mainly where the tube meets the floor about knee area on both sides. Following the glue\seam around the tube I noticed the glue/seal seamed to be receding or almost peeled back some areas while other areas seemed to hold the original(?) glue\seam. Hope this is making sense… as I said I know nothing about rafts or their construction… Should I be concerned about this? Should I repair or is it a non issue? No water leaking in… yet. Hope to post some pictures for more clarity

not sure if anybody answered you yet or you figured out the issue, but i believe that i had the same “problem” you’re talking about. turns out that alpacka uses this type of temporary tape when they’re welding the floor onto the boat. i noticed that it started to collect a lot of sand and gravel on my boat so i simply peeled it off. i was able to get the majority off, but there is some sticky residue left behind. for that i’d use soap, hot water and a semi rough sponge. hope this helps.