2006 Alpackraft for Sale -550 - Sold

I have a 2006 Alpacka raft, with attached spray skirt. The raft is in great condition. I haven’t used it in two years and looking forward, I don’t think I will get out anytime soon. (Marriage & School) The raft has been great and I have a lot of great memories.

What I have is

Alpacka Raft with Spray Skirt
Inflation Bag
Repair Kit
Inflatable floor
Helmet (If you want it)


What model, size, or how tall are you and how did it fit?

It is the Alpaca Raft. I am 5 foot 8 and never had problems with fit. I would recommend that you follow the Alpacka fitting guide on the main page.


HI, is this still available?

Yes, It is blue and Red? I can get pictures if you want.

please send message to karadonn@aol.com

If karadonn passes, I am also interested.


I am also interested, can you post pictures?


Me too. I’m also interested. Is it still for sale?

I want to buy your raft if you still have it!!

(three three six) two three nine -nine zero four four

thanks ,
Will Daniel

Hi. I too am interested. If all other fall through please let me know, 303-eight one nine-2 six 2 nine. Thanks.


Sorry, It has been sold.