2 Aussie packrafters honeymooning in Canada

My fiancé and I will be spending 3 weeks in Canada for our honeymoon in September and will be bringing our packrafts. As Its our honeymoon we are intending to do it with some comfort, we are looking to fly into Vancouver, thinking of renting a small campervan/rv and spending most of our time exploring the Rockies, we have another friends wedding in Banff while we are there and plan to drop off the Rv and fly out of Calgary.

We intend to do plenty of day hikes and I’m interested in some ideas on good day day hike/packraft trips, ideally loops as we’ll only have vehicle. We mainly paddle warmish water, grade 1-3 in Australia, any suggestions?
What water temperatures should we expect and what clothing do you normally paddle in, dry suit/jackets at that time of year?

Our itinerary isn’t fixed other than the wedding in Banff midway through the trip so also interested in any ideas on places to check out, e.g. Victoria, thoughts on overnight hikes for those unsure on bears (Koala’s don’t count)?
I also love my fishing and have never caught a salmon so thats something I want to cross off the list too, I’ll be bringing a travel fly and spin rod with me and will be taking it on hikes, I’m not sure how far into the Rockies the salmon make it or where I should be trying my luck?