12 km of Shoalhaven river frontage for sale

Long time lurker here…thought this might be of interest to oz rafters…

1900 acres freehold title with house, orchard
12km double loop frontage to the Shoalhaven River

Property is on the western side of the river and looks like the river frontage begins at Peggys Gully Powerlines.

Im a newbie so not allowing me to submit URLs (too spammy)…google the following to see pics/description :-

1760 Oallen Ford Road, Windellama


Sweet - the 12 people that went on the training course…thats $57K each…!

Who’s in?!

If only Chris! What a magnificent section of the Shoalhaven too.

I would be in for something like that, up to say $50 - $60K, if one of the part owners wanted to live and manage (and perhaps expand with farm stay etc) the place. Subject to a legal document and some due diligence of course. PM me if there is someone with the chutzpa to have a go.