10 Days on the Kongakut

Okay, we are not the studs and studettes that most of you are, but the “Never Going to Assisted Living Gang” from Minnesota completed their 7th Alaska river in so many years (Hula, Tatshenshini, Alsek, Kennicott, Nazina, Chitina, Copper, etc,). Now that we are all over 60, well,… actually way past 60, we are not into the long hikes esp if we have to carry all those smoked pork chops and dirty martinis. But we sure had a great time on the Kongakut. We flew out of Fairbanks with Wright Air saving some $ by keeping our total weight, including ourselves, (love those pack rafts) to under 800 pounds for the three of us. Round trip the flight cost was 5K into Grassers Strip and out just before the sea. Bringing food is optional. The Arctic char where jumping in the boat from day one. Our paddling skills are minimal so we portaged twice around what looked to us like 3+, but they were probably only 3s. We are new to pack rafts and really have no idea what we are doing as you can see by the attached video - still paddling in our waiters. We are big fans of the North Slope in late August and September - few bugs and love the new snow on the mtns.
The boyz are getting restless again so give us your best recommendation for 10 river days of great mountain scenery, fast water and easy to catch fish anywhere in Alaska. Thanks Much
petervujovich@vujovich.com a new and proud member.

WOW, great video! What a super trip with great weather. What boats are you using, looks like some good loads? Any hazards along the way?