Yukon Yak for sale

I have an older Yukon Yak for sale. Same dimensions and weight of the current model. Main differences is that the seat is independent from the boat (which is nice if you are looking at saving weight), and the valve cap is located on the front of the boat rather than the rear.

It looks exactly like the boat in this pic:

I’ll throw in an inflation bag for free. $500


Wondering if your yak has a spray skirt on it? Also, how much use has it seen over the years?

Nope, no spray skirt on this model. I bought it from a friend that only used it to float a 15 mile stretch of class II water twice and my wife used it to float about 23 miles of Class II water. All deep slow river so no dragging. No wear or abrasion on this raft.

Price dropped to $450 with inflation bag included.

Packraft has been sold.