yankycentric forum structure

I think it is rather rude, that Australia has been lumped into the same forum as the kiwis and that further more Tasmania has been included with the less significant north island while in the north there is a separate forum for Alaska and even a separate forum for Canada which, lets face it is basically the same thing as the rest of yankee land. I would suggest a restructuring of the forum that would see the kiwis with a separate forum or preferably moved to a different site altogether, perhaps a sheep farming site or something, Tasmania with its own forum and perhaps a forum for the rest of the mainland in lower case below the Tasmanian forum. If these amendments are made i could possibly accept that Alaska would be allowed its own forum.

Imagine how Central Europe feels. I’m sure the Kiwi’s love being with us Duke ! Anyway, Tasssie gets overlooked by everyone… I’d keep it that way, it’s the nice thing about it !

we appreciate your use of the term sheep “farming”. i’ve heard of other sheep related activities that your neighbors are dubiously famous for.
never been there, so i don’t know. mutton stopping me from going, just kinda expensive and its a long flight.
best wishes from alaska, abel6wt

Treading lightly lest I tread upon on Aussie-Kiwi-Tasmanian sensibilities (or rivalries), if there’s a strong feeling that you’d like more forum headings for your cool part of the world, we can do it no problem.

That goes for anywhere in the world… including for us Yanks, if there’s a desire to, say, break the Lower 48 up a little.