with a kid in a cruiser deck llama?

i think about a llama or extended llama with cruiser spray deck.Good when i’m alone and maybe good with my 5years old son when the deck is remove.
i want to know if my son could be seat in front of me(face to face) without interfere with the fixed part of spraydeck if his back touch the inside of the front part of the boat?


I added a spray deck to my llama and suddenly my raft wasn’t kid friendly anymore. Not only were my kids uncomfortable but I was worried that they would wreck the fabric. Ultimately, the addition of a $200 spray deck cost me much more because I ended up buying a used Alpacka for them to paddle in too.

Thanks Chris.

It’s funny you should mention that, Chris.

When my friend’s little girl asked if she could come out with me in my boat, I bought a Dory/Explorer so that we’d both have a bit more room and comfort, and my Llama and it’s deck would stay intact for longer.

Yup - first world problems. Throw enough money at 'em and they’ll disappear.

I’m glad that I bought a second raft - my boys are big enough now that I wouldn’t want them sitting on my feet anymore.


I coped with the same dilemma when I bought my Llama; I wanted to be able to take my kids and felt relluctant to add a cruiser spray deck due to the irremovability of the front section.
Therefore, I build my own solution:


Very, very impressive!