Windy Creek by Susitna

Put-in on Windy Creek Rd, Take-out Valdez Creek Mine Rd, Class III in long sections, drops 600ft in 4-5 miles,the bulk of it happens in the canyon. The run consists of steepish boulder garden drops, and it just keeps coming throughout the run, no boredom or hassle. It was alittle bumpy at a mid summer flow, spring flows would make for some fairly intense whitewater. It was better than I anticipated after scouting the canyon rim.
Valdez Creek is harder and also very continuous, we ran out of time and could not finish the run. For me, I would want to scout some sections, which takes time. We started at the lake and ran a couple of rapids into the canyon, boat scouting, and it became to continuous for that. We started shore scouting the creek, and by gauging what we just came through, we decided a swim may be a gear losing event, so then decided to scout ahead. The river actually seemed to let up a bit between the drops, which were numerous, but it looked like a coiled snake going through the canyon.We have to go for another stab at this one, and are pretty certain when we finish the run we will be glad we did.