Whitewater Rescue Training

For those of you in Alaska – we are working on putting together a three day whitewater rescue certification course that focuses on packrafting. I have done two of these sort of courses now and wish that everyone I packraft with had done one, too.

They are great confidence and skill set builders. You’ll feel like a real boater after learning how to get in, get out, and get around without your boat.

We are looking at a May date, likely in the Anchorage area and probably in the $250/person range. No more than 12 people.

Again, this is WELL worth it. Learn and PRACTISE how to do the “packraft roll”, paddle with two paddles, chase down empty boats, swim in white water, right a flipped and loaded boat, paddle without a paddle, rescue yourself, rescue your partners, and more. Besides, it’s fun as well as life-saving educational.

Please email me roman@alaskapacific.edu if you are interested.

Scott Solle is the instructor with whom I have been in contact. He has personal experience with the 1990s packraft era, and taught a 3 day whitewater rescue course during my monthlong packrafting curse at Alaska Pacific University. Here’s a recent response about theis whitewater rescue course;


Class cost will be at the corporate rate of $285 per student. Normally this is 3 days… any chance we could do something like we did, but with a total of 4 days (2 of which we could do like the last day where we put in and take out on packrafts). My concern is that I will be in Utah the first week of May instructing in Moab so timing will be the toughest thing to co-ordinate.


There is interest in Jackson Hole for the course as well. I could probably get at least 6 locals to sign up. If there are people interested from the surrounding area we could probably do it. It would be great to have the same instructor. Whose game?

I would definately try to make Jackson Hole if I had plenty of lead time!! :sunglasses: I took a wilderness first aid course in Squaw Valley years ago and it was great fun! Also I am going to try to lead some trips down here if I can get more people on board, and it would be nice to have that course under my belt. :sunglasses:

I’m in Seattle, but I’m definitely interested in taking one of the classes, either in Alaska or Jackson Hole. I sent an email to Roman expressing an interest in his class since I am already planning to head up to Alaska around May of next year, but depending on when the Jackson Hole course would be held, that might work out better for me. Please keep me informed of any developments regarding the classes. My email is wanderlyte at yahoo dot com.



Jackson Hole Course

I have corresponded with Scott Solle. We have tentatively discussed the last weekend in April. He is already booked all of May and June. Scott is the same instructor who has been working with Roman. He recommended a four day course. The first three days would be a standard Whitewater Rescue Technician curriculum. Day four would be packrafting specific. The cost will be around $295.

When we confirm a date I will be sure to make a post.

I will gladly make the trip over from Idaho. Of course if the corn is going off that weekend, it will be tough to spend the day in such cold water! et

I have communicated with Scott Solle about a packrafting rescue course in Jackson Hole. We have set a date for April 25-28. Three days will be the standard Whitewater Rescue Technician and the fourth day packraft specific. Scott is working on the curriculum and a PDF with the details of the course. I will post it as soon as I receive it (within the next couple of weeks). You will be able to register directly with Scott. He will be asking for a deposit. We need at least 8 people and no more then 12.

The details for both the Anchorage and Jackson Hole courses are posted under Tips & Techniques.

The Anchorage course May 16, 17, 18 is full now; however, if you are interested check just before that weekend, in case somebody dropped out.


Scott and I are working on a second Anchorage course. Perhaps early June? Sugegstions welcoem for teachers and others with day off problems.

Hey Scott Solle I will look for you on Facebook too.

I am in the process of moving to Grand Junction, CO (GJCO) and want to get another packraft rescue class in. Do you have any planned for this spring in the Rocky Mountain - Inter-Mountain region? UT? MT? ID? CO?