Where to go - March 12th-20th?

I need suggestions!

I am looking for a prime whitewater packrafting spot for the week of March 12th-20th. I would like it to be somewhere with fairly decent weather that time of year, somewhere I can fly into relatively easily, and a place where I can get a lot of nice whitewater runs done in a short time.

Any suggestions? Hopefully people are still following this forum in the winter!

One suggestion: fly into sacramento, CA, and run the gorgeous whitewater nearby: Feather, NF Yuba, SF Yuba, NF American, MF American, SF American, Cosumnes, Mokelumne, McCloud, etc. Gorgeous in March.

Sounds like a pretty good idea.

What are the camping possibilities like? I would love to be able to camp cheap or even stealth and free.

How hard is the water?

Thanks for the info!

Camping and whitewater difficulty run the gamut. What are you looking for?

Looking for cheap or free camping and somewhere I can do a lot of runs.

If I go by myself probably Class III or IV- water. I find the smaller creeks/rivers to be more fun in a packraft.

Anything like that?