What other types of boaters can I paddle with?

Hello all, I’m new here and am looking to get into packrafting - the ultra portability and ability for impromptu paddling is right up my alley. I have some decent experience with sea and sit-on-top kayaks, but haven’t learned how to roll yet. I’ve never run white water solo, just the occasional tourist ride on the those big 8-man rafts, but I’d like to learn. I’m basically looking to do a little bit of everything with a packraft from white to calm to salt water; from hiking to pedaling to driving; and from camping to day trips.

So my question is - what other types of boaters would be a decent match for a packrafter? I know there’s no chance of matching the pace or distance of sea kayakers (and it’s questionable if a PR is even suitable for open saltwater), but can a reasonable strong paddler in a packraft cruise with a novice paddler in a recreational kayak assuming calm water and little wind? How about canoes (single/double)? I’m sure rapids will carry packrafts just as fast as WW hardshells through the rougher sections, but would I be holding up a WW hardshell group on the calmer sections in between the rapids?

I know it would best to hook-up with other packrafters, and I’ll be looking, but this really seems to be a niche within a niche and suspect that suitable partners will be far and few between. Do you folks tend to paddle with other boaters - which types do you find most suitable?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I paddle with whitewater kayakers. They tend to be really surprised at the packrafts capabilities, even on bigger water. I keep up fine with larger groups, but if it is a small group of kayakers in a rush to get an evening run under their belt without stopping to play at the features, then I am at the back of the pack. My role is to make sure everyone gets down the river ok. With these small whitewater kayaking groups, depending on whether they are clickish or not, it is helpful to arrive suited up, with the raft inflated, and prove that you can keep up with the “best”, that is if you actually want to hang around with whitewater snobs. I dont have any experiance paddling with sea kayakers, but maybe with the Gnu packraft, you might be able to keep up with them if they are a leisurely bunch.