What boat to choose?

Hi folks,

Need some advice on which raft to choose. I am 6’2 and 205lbs. I am looking for a raft for stream and river crossings while doing extended beach hikes up and down the coast. My friend has a the Danali Llama but its been a little sketchy with both of us in the same boat at times. I have been thinking either the Danali or the Yukon. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Either of those boats will suite you fine. The Yak would be a bit of a tighter fit I reckon. If all you plan on doing is crossings and such, maybe consider a Scout?

I would definitely not recommend a scout. If you want some proof of how small they are, see the scout video posted right below that shows its use in the Alaskan Classic. I vote denali llama or yukon if you are not planning on hauling big loads/people.