What Alpackas are not designed for ... (Winter in Germany)

Nevertheless, frozen Water and Alpackas perform well. Some Pics from the backyard of Dresden on the slopes of the river Elbe and its side creeks.Snow on!


You certainly use your boat in strange ways :smiley:
I don’t do that and i still have to send my boat back for for repairs.
Life is unjust !

I roamed through your Picasa albums, nice pics!
Skärgården looked familiar ?

The igloo pics was cool, did you spend the night there ?
Was it cold?
I slept in my hammock the other night, -20c.
But i was cozy warm .

Say hello to your girlfriend from me.

PS:My Alpacka is on the way back to the US for repairs :wink:


Maybe give this photo to Shaggy for the Alpacka Gallery as the Alpacka Gallery needs some fresh pics and this one is winter-fresh!

I certainly do agree, Alpacka Gallery needs some fresh pics.
Alpacka is welcome to use them. Shaggy knews about.

haha - fantastic! Looks cold…