Wanted Alpacka or Yukon Yak - Northern Arizona

Looking to save a few bucks by purchasing a used Alpacka. Interested in a Yak, but would consider other models if the price was right.


I am looking to sell my 2007, lightly-used and wonderfully cared for, Alpaca. I live in Utah, so your ad caught my attention. As I said, the boat is in great condition and has not needed to be patched or repaired. The spray skirt was replaced in 2009 (just so it would have the updated version). I have also seam sealed the entire boat to prevent any delamination and maintain upkeep. The boat is air tight and in great condition. It has mostly been used up in AK. I also have an accompanying AB split paddle, repair kit, throw bag, inflation bag and floor rest if you are interested in those pieces as well.

I am looking to sell all the above for ~$750 and we could discuss including shipping. Let me know if you’re interested!