Video links

Yep, it’s that opinionated little novice from Oz again…!

The other day I enjoyed a fantastic link to a packrafting video from this site, but now can’t find it tonight. Yep - perhaps it relates to too many red wines, but I’m actually pretty good even after a few. I did conclude that perhaps the website might be usefully reconfigured to provide an additional category of “rafting videos”, where people could just put video links, with none of the chat.

For the obssessed it is fine to look at all recent inputs to the forum, but wouldn’t it be great to just look at video additions if that’s what interested you? If the bottom line is to encourage new users (which it ought to be) then I think a video link site would be great. If you search youtube under alpacka raft today you get 5 videos, one of which is great, and the rest of which are average.

I also think that Sheri should make it a “condition of purchase” that any new user be “forced” to either post some photos or a video on the site! (send them a contract with the raft!). She emailed me yesterday to tell me that one guy who just bought 2 rafts had used them to raft down the Franklin R (in Tasmania, Oz). This is great, or even better, but unless he is forced to share some piccies of what must have been an awesome trip, even under low water conditions, packrafting in Oz just doesn’t exist. Who cares what the photos are - just show them in use.

Is the pot calling the kettle black - perhaps - I did try to provide a link to my photos on a previous forum, but I’m not sure it worked. I’m off in 3 weeks to do some rafting in NZ, and will then endeavor to provide the links suggested above. This means that I’ll clean the black off the kettle, as it probably is black!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!! That’s where they were!! Must have had one more red than I thought. I’d better get a guide dog. Sorry all