Upper Willow Creek trip report/video

So, here’s some footage of Upper Willow Creek. We filmed a few of the big drops, but I filmed a lot of the
“smaller” filler rapids. Can a pack raft run Upper Willow? I wouldn’t recommend it, but maybe they could
one day with additional advancements. Just thought you guys might like to see what the Upper canyon looked
like above Guardrail…

At 2:17 in the video you’ll see me do a kayak move called a “screw-over”. When I started to flip over backwards from backendered (bandersnatching) after a boof, I reached backwards and did a strong reverse sweep which spun the flipping momentum in a new direction. This results in stopping the boat from flipping over backwards. Maybe this can be done in a packraft one day?

  • roman, thought this would be of interest to you as I tried to explain it to you guys, but it’s much easier seeing it on video:^) I’ll try it on purpose next time we go out to see if it’s possible.