Upper Nepean TR

I had a quick squiz at this one a while back and managed to paddle it today. Some pics and dribble on the BLOG.

Nice ! This can’t be too far from home for me.

Looks great Darren, perfect way to spend an afternoon. Wish I had paddling like that so close to home.

Jules, there’s a slim chance I’ll be paddling it again with a mate if the levels are right next Sunday so I’ll give you a shout if we do…and Craig if you want to make the 13 hour drive for a half dayer…I’d be impressed. :slight_smile:

Looked a nice little paddle Darren. I am hoping the run of rain contiues until after Christmas when I will have some time again, I have not been for a paddle in the bubbles in ages and ages and your reports are making me twitch more than usual.


Thanks Steve. Sydney copped another drenching today and a lot of the local gauges are on the rise again. Happy days.

Jules will have to put another mark in his black book for this one…Sincere apologies for not contacting you mate. I thought we would be walking with the gauge so low.
Craig (K10) and I made a very late call to paddle the Nepean so he could try out his new toy. The gauge was junk but just paddling was enough for him to get a feel for packrafting.

Blog report

looks great ! No worries from my end. One day it’ll happen…

Wow the Red ones really do go faster!!!