TYPAR tape?

TYPAR tape? No not TYVEK, TYPAR tape, has anyone used it for either temporary or permanent repairs? It is a translucent light gray and used for the same construction purposes as TYVEK tape. I saw it and bought a roll to experiment with. It seems to stick even better than TYVEK and when pulled off, some of the adhesive stays on the boat and some stays on the tape. That indicates to me that it sticks about equally to both surfaces (a good thing). Whereas TYVEK doesn’t say anything about UV resistance and weather-ability this tape says it is good at both.

The edges are serrated so that it can be easily torn across using the fingers, which makes it handy when scissors are not around.

Anybody have any experience with, or knowledge about, this TYPAR tape? :bulb:

Frank Colver

Typar Tape is a very strong, gray, polypropylene film used to seal seams and overlaps. It also can be applied to corners, joints, sill plates and other surfaces to improve air tightness. It’s easy to apply because it is coated with a cold weather acrylic adhesive system that was specially formulated to perform at sub-freezing temperatures and to have good and quick “stickability.”

Thanks, that’s good information, especially about the cold performance. I’ve seen some sticky tapes that can just pop loose when cold.

My testing of this tape showed it definitely stuck well. Down side is; if it is removed it leaves a sticky surface where it was. That area then has to be cleaned off with solvent.

I’m taking my 14’ oar cat on the San Juan next month and I’ve decided this will be my roll of “quick repair” tape, instead of Tyvek. Before launching, I’ll stick a piece below the water line and another piece on top of a tube so the eight day trip will help to test the tape’s durability in the silty river and hot sun of So. Utah. I’ll post the results after the trip.