Tuross River @ good paddle level

A good paddle at the mo if anyone can get there?? Canberra folks? I may be able to do Sunday.


Yep! Keen for Sunday…!

Mmm…I am heading to Canberra this weekend so could work out - will let you know.

could work for me too … lets talk

Hey Steve et al,

Tuross looking good…altho was tentatively booked for a walk in the blueys.

Just an extension on your suggestion Steve - have wondered what the upper section of the Tuross would be like… Any beta on it? I know one person who’s done it years ago and said it was a great paddle, lots of G3 but needed a bit of water to paddle it. He wasn’t sure what level he paddled it but it was flooding and lower than 2m at the Wadb Jxn. Put in at Bumberry Creek down to Woila. May be a bit of mission gettting in - so best to allocate Sat to get to put in. Paddle Sun to Woila, then could do Mon Woila down for a jam packed long wend:) Upper section def a wilderness paddle and harder than Woila down.

I know Duncan’s also keen on Tuross - the only thing is I’m not sure if the water level would be quite high enough for the upper section - Tuross empties quickly and currently 1.35 so unless we have rain its likely to be at borderline by Sunday.

Any thoughts?


Sharon, I really really really want to do that trip, from my homework and feel of the country it looks pretty much continuous steep creek from the base of the falls to Woila Ck, it would be some pretty challanging paddling through some seriously steep country on higher levels. I would want to run it with longer days, warmer water and moderate levels (say around 1 - 1.2 on the Wadbiliga gauge) before takling it on a higher level (2m would be outragous I think). I would definatly make the time to do it come spring with a little more home work and mabye an access scout beforehand, it is not that far from my place up to there so I might organise a little weekend walk and look-see over the winter doldrums.

I am watching the levels drop atm, it will be too low for my liking by Sunday for Woila to the Station, I have run it down to .75 and had fun but the novelty is wearing out at lower levels as I have done the run about 6 times now, so this weekend is looking out for me with no more rain coming.


Will be in Canberra this weekend and at this stage looking to do a novice section - Jinglemoney to Bombay Crossing on the Shoalhaven on Saturday if anyone’s interested. At this stage it’ll be me, Mick B and his mate who is also a new packrafter. River levels look great and it’s mainly Grade 2/ 2+ rapids.